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Vehicle traveling data recorder printer

Vehicle traveling data recorder printer
Product name:Vehicle traveling data recorder printer

Vehicle traveling data recorder , commonly known as car black box , is a vehicle speed , time, mileage and other related vehicle status information recording, storage and data output via interface digital electronic recording devices.

Demand Dynamic

European Union, Japan and other countries as early as in the 1970s began in some form of legislation on passenger vehicles and trucks to force the installation to use the recorder , has been basically installed. May 1, 2004 shall come into force "Road Traffic Safety Law " and its "implementing regulations " on page 14 states: passenger cars for highway operations , heavy truck , tractor should be installed , used in accordance with national standard vehicle traveling data recorder is currently the country passenger transport companies, logistics companies , travel companies and dangerous goods transport companies, bus Group and enterprises in an orderly manner to install a car drive recorder .

Main features

A self-test function: auto recorder is powered on system components and interfaces testing, self test "Di - " a sound recording device prompts the user to start work ; 2, with each driver identification function while driving authenticate using the U disk , save each driver logger classification traveling data ; 3 , the vehicle travel time , speed, mileage records and storage features detailed time records are stored vehicles , speed and mileage ; 4 , overspeed alarm and recording functions when the vehicle speed exceeds a pre- set value, will be the first time the alarm reminders, and record ; 5 , overtime driving ( fatigue driving ) alarming and recording function drivers driving for nearly four hours , the recorder will voice prompts, more than four hours on start recording ; 6, has an accident record analysis logger doubt be recorded at 0.2 second intervals 20 seconds before the accident vehicle speed , braking and other information ; 7, display printing capabilities available through LCD display and instant print per minute within the last 15min the average speed record , overtime driving ( fatigue driving ) record , speeding and vehicle records relevant information ; 8 , data communication capabilities via standard USB or serial acquisition logger data logger set parameters ; vehicle information , driver file management functions 9, the management software provides a good user interface , to achieve vehicle information , driver input files , modify, query statistics and report printing function ; increase economic , scientific and reasonable for staff scheduling, vehicle maintenance . 10 , to store video images ( optional camera , SD card )

Can effectively record the driver's speeding and fatigue driving and other illegal driving behavior , thereby driving on company personnel to effectively monitor the quality of work , reduce accidents and improve vehicle operation level . So the use of this product and ancillary systems platform to improve the company's overall management level and efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve economic efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises ; objective and comprehensive record of the vehicle when the accident occurred various states and drivers operational behavior for traffic analysis provides scientific basis to protect the legitimate interests of the parties accident , convenient traffic police enforcement and government regulators .

Implementation of standards

Vehicle traveling data recorder GB GB / TGBT 19056-2003 and the Ministry of Transport JT / T 794-2011 " road transport vehicle satellite positioning system vehicle terminal technical requirements ", JT / T 808-2011 " road transport vehicle -vehicle terminal communication protocol satellite system and data format "standard.

Main components

Tachograph different products have different appearance , but its basic components are :

( 1 ) Host : a microprocessor , a data memory, a real time clock , a display , an operation key , the printer , data communications devices such as access doors . If the host body does not include a monitor , a printer , you should leave the corresponding data display and print output interface.

( 2 ) a vehicle speed sensor .

( 3 ) data analysis software .

( 4 ) Infrared cameras, night vision function as a key component is essential.


How much car camera according to generally have a 2-way , 4-way tachograph .

Main Category


General market tachograph are: image recorder and data logger.

Recommended style :

1 . Professional used in handheld POS printers , car drive recorder car Printers


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