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Buffet print terminal printer D347

Buffet print terminal printer D347
Product name:Buffet print terminal printer D347
Price:Buffet print terminal printer D347
Model: Buffet print terminal printer D347
Basic functions:
80MM Wide auto cutter thermal printing unit, imported from Japan Seiko movement CAPD347, combined with the company developed print control panel and modular synthesizer for printing machine.
Main features:
Print speed: 170mm / s (24v voltage input)
Printer life: 1 million lines of characters
Cutter life: 1,000,000 times (full cut / partial cut optional)
Paper feed: 180 degrees horizontal feed, easy paper loading
Paper: 80mm wide thermal paper (0.06-0.10mm thick)
Interface: serial, usb port, parallel port optional
Increased exit mouth (can be upgraded anti-jam, blocking the paper, pull out the paper and paper tips and other functions)
Feature Comparison:
1, the structural integration: the traditional 80 thermal solutions are separated from the motherboard and the print head cutter users are required to design self-assembled structures. The models solve customer design is difficult, long cycle installation problems and other issues, you only need a fixed original print head positioning and can achieve integration can be mounted directly to the client device.
  2, the print speed to enhance the quality, we now achieve maximum design speed of 170mm / s.
3, to reduce spatial location and cumbersome wiring, to effectively improve the product assembly process yield, optional fully compatible with EPSON M-T532 printhead mounting dimensions, without making any changes.
4, the interface varied: serial, parallel, USB to choose from, and providing comprehensive software commands and simple driver (winxp \ win7).
Bank Wall Buffet Equipment, Self tanker, self telephones, recharge machine, payment machines, self parking issuing machines, coupon printer, Queue, Guest machines.
Size chart:

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